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Shine Sparkle Radiate facilitates a number of outstanding workshops for tween and teen girls from the ages of 10 to 18 to counteract the negative effects of growing up in today’s demanding, challenging and on-line society.

Girls have always felt the pressure to be “perfect” and to conform to expectations, but today in 2019,Β  mental health, self-esteem and confidence problems are rife and increasing and girls themselves, parents and educators are deeply concerned forΒ  their well-being.

Workshops focus on building self-esteem and confidence through natural and ancient wisdom like yoga and mindfulness, self-care practices, open dialogue and discussion, creativity and connection.

TEEN YOGA classes

Having trained with the UK Teen Yoga Foundation, I facilitate yoga classes especially designed for the needs of tweens and teens from the age of 10. The classes incorporate yoga asanas, mindfulness practices, visualisation and relaxation. They are fun and engaging and an ideal way to incorporate relaxation into a busy academic or sports driven lifestyle. Classes last ONE HOUR.

SELF-LOVE workshops for teens and women

Your most important relationship is with yourself!

Yet many of us hold a negative body image or don’t believe we have the right to love ourselves first or understand that by loving ourselves first, we teach others how to love us. These 90 MINUTE workshops are for groups of tween and teen girls or groups of women whose inner girl needs some loving attention to learn simple self-love skills and practices that can easily be incorporated into even the busiest lives. Spending time with yourself to know and understand your needs and making promises to add what makes you happy into your life is vital for a healthy and positive lifestyle in today’s demanding and competitive world.


I’ve always loved reading and writing so becoming an English literature and language teacher came as no surprise to my mum. Words thrill me and creating pictures in a reader’s mind just using words is a creative skill that I love teaching.

These 90 MINUTE workshops are especially for teens who either love writing or loathe it but need to do it! Each workshop starts with drama based activities and techniques are built on as the participants learn to write poems or short stories, plays or scripts. Each workshop is fun and the objective is to unleash the power of creativity

JOURNALING workshops

Journaling takes us into our daydreams and frees us from the constraints of the logical brain. It allows us to write from the heart and imagine and create intuitively. Bringing a daily journaling practice into your life can be a simple and quick game changer to creating the life you desire and seeing the bigger picture or vision.

These HOUR long workshops are for either teen participants or women who would like to learn to journal in a safe space together and be supported as it becomes an intrinsic part of their empowered lifestyle.

CRAFTING workshops

Crafting used to be popular and as a child I remember making wool pompons, weaving, pressing flowers, knitting and crocheting, sewing and embroidering or making “things” with my grandmothers. The pleasure of sitting with others whilst making something with our hands is relaxing and liberating and releases the playfulness in humans that our modern society is sadly missing. Play is important. Connection is vital. By bringing both together and in collaboration with local Barcelona artists, Shine Sparkle Radiate aims to bring joy to the lives of teens or women who participate in these monthly TWO hour workshops.

Contact me for more information if any of these workshops interest you.