Mum of 16 year old daughter

I found Niki through Facebook and was drawn to her friendly and natural approach. Like many teens these days, our daughter was finding the pressures of teen life were causing some anxiety and over thinking and I contacted Niki to get her thoughts. We FaceTimed and my daughter immediately said Niki was the person she wanted to see; there was such a warmth between them. When I picked up my daughter after her first session with Niki, I could see a lightness to her that was joyous. Niki gave her planning tools to deal with concerns both big and small. She also taught her meditation skills and was available to talk or WhatsApp. Our daughter recently sat important exams and she was so calm and in control throughout the stressful months. It was really great to see and I know Niki’s tips played a great part in this. Niki is calm, friendly and clearly thoughtful in her approach. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Everyone needs a NIKI in their life.