Praise for Niki

I love having sessions with Niki. I have seen her for reflexology and massage. I left both sessions feeling amazing with instant change in my body. I love how Niki is so intuitive and connected to what's happening in me - she often knows it even when I don't. This means she is able to take care of me in the perfect way for what I need at that time. her energy is super nurturing and she is so knowledgeable, I completely trust her and recommend her to all my friends looking for wonderful intuitive care

Dr Sophie Anderson, Specific Chiropractor

Receiving reiki from Niki is like being wrapped in a giant, supportive, insightful hug. My experience with her was not only incredibly relaxing but the intuitive guidance that she was able to share with me was reassuring and comforting. I only have the best words to describe Niki, both as a healer and a person. I have received a lot of reiki ( and am a practitioner myself ) and her beautiful session was definitely one of the best ever. I left feeling heard, supported, calm and immensely grateful. Niki is truly a gift x

Bridget Prutz Reiki Practitioner

Yesterday I had my first reflexology session with Niki. She is really fantastic. And it says a lot as I am not someone who likes to be massaged at all. She makes you feel so much at ease and does a wonderful job. I will be back!

Karina Loka French teacher

Niki’s loving intention and intuitive spirit come through in every interaction!
I had the pleasure of experiencing a Chakra healing ceremony she lead recently and can say that it has had a profound effect in balancing my energies.
Thank you for owning and sharing your gifts Niki!!!

Nancy Banner EFT Coach

I want to recommend every workshop with Niki. My daughter loves attending all her events. Once a teen attends, it becomes their desire to keep going on with her amazing workshops! Thanks Niki! You. Are simply an amazing human being!

Ana Valencia Dufoo Mum to Alexia, middle school student

The teen girl weekend retreat was peaceful but also great fun. I loved the yoga and the group atmosphere. The location was ideal because it was so tranquil and beautiful. I often look over the notes I made during the workshops and try and meditate when I’m stressed.

Maisie Student, October 2017 retreat supergirl

My 12-year-old daughter attended the tween workshop. She loved it! I’m going to have her write her own review below.The tween workshop helped me feel better about myself. I learned to be grateful for all of the things that I have. The yoga on the beach not only relaxed me but was so fun! Then we went for a swim and in the ocean I got to know the other girls a lot more and they were really nice. Niki was a great yoga teacher and she motivated us by saying how the day was on a scale of 1-10. The day ended on a 10! She was fun , nice and helpful. I could tell that she loved helping us. Eliza , Niki’s daughter, was also there and she was really nice. It was great because she’s only 6 years older than us so she remembered exactly how difficult being a girl can be sometimes. She shared some of her troubles that she had when she was a tween and it was great talking to her about it. She enjoyed helping her mom out in the workshops and I hope she goes to more. I can’t wait to go to the retreat in October! The people there could not have been nicer!

Allison Herrick Pullen Mum of Molly, June 2018

We all need help sometimes, people to view things in a different way, to take the pressure off everyday living and to accept us however we show up. Shine, sparkle, radiate offers this not only to teens but the parents who love those teens but are finding life and that journey reaching an impasse.My daughter recently attended a day event, she wanted to meet new people, spend time doing something grown up and just for her and Niki offered that safe space. A place to explore, a place to enjoy, a place to be....

She came back excited, armed with new tools in her tool chest to weather that storm that is puberty and new friends that she could relax and be with.
Thank you for such a beautiful experience!

Kezia Luckett Mum of Amelie, June 2018

From the first moment to the end, a session with Niki is an incredible experience. The peace, the sweetness and the tranquility that transmit her smile, her gestures and her hands is extraordinary!!! Every time I have received a massage from her, I have floated out, as if the world had changed in my favour. Everything becomes perfect. As a masseur myself, I am grateful to have found Niki because she shows dedication, love and presence at 100% throughout all the session. What great hands!

Matias Murano Massage Therapist, Barcelona

Maisie very much enjoyed her time at the retreat surrounded by friendly like-minded individuals. She arrived back home full of stories and with renewed vigour for the new challenge ahead of her - starting her new course at Art School.

Tracy Edensor Mum of Maisie, aged 18, October 2017 retreat supergirl

My top things about the teen girl retreat weekend were the delicious and healthy food and hot chocolate every night, the kittens that were so cute, the yoga - although it was hard at times, it helped me clear my mind. I now know how to meditate and have some tips to help me in my daily life. I felt that I could be open with Cat and Niki and they helped me feel safe and supported all weekend. I also felt like they could help me with problems and give advice.

Josefine Bak High school student, October 2017 retreat supergirl

I really enjoyed the retreat as a whole! It was really relaxing and I got to know some amazing individuals as well as experience yoga. Also it gave me time to spend with close friends and not interact with social media as much. I learned a lot and am now much more grateful. I use visualisation much more in my life. I felt supported and looked after by Cat and Niki. I really loved the accommodation and the food was great, especially the couscous!

Magali Macori High school student, October 2017 retreat supergirl

Amelie still writes her gratitude notes every evening and puts them into her gratitude jar. She has also religiously begun meditating every evening and all because of your weekend retreat. Her energy has shifted in a beautiful way. I love that you are dedicating yourself to teen girls and empowering them. Bravo to you Niki! I’m sure Amelie will be back for another weekend retreat this year!

Cambry Sanchez Mum of Amelie, high school student, October 2017 retreat supergirl

Niki is a caring person, always available for her clients. Her gentleness and love of life are contagious and even before she has started work with you, you feel better. Niki is one of those people who accompanies her clients and is always looking for their well-being; you can trust her. She will know how to comfort you and help you discover how to feel well.

Dominique Faure Coach helped by horses and Kinesiologist

Niki est une personne bienveillante, toujours disponible pour ses clients. Sa douceur et sa joie de vivre sont contagieuses et avant même qu'elle ait commencé son travail, vous vous sentez déjà mieux. Niki fait partie des personnes qui accompagnent ses clients avec toujours le souci de rechercher leur mieux être, on peut lui faire confiance. Elle saura vous réconforter et vous aider à trouver ce qui peut vous soulager.

Dominique Faure Coach helped by horses and Kinesiologist