Mother and Daughter Connection Retreats

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Here are just a few reasons why you deserve the gift of a retreat for yourself and your daughter….

  • Adolescence is a challenging time for all the family; her brain, body, and emotions are developing at a fast pace
  • You want her to learn well-researched and scientifically proven tools and techniques that can help her be less anxious and more focused
  • You both need to disconnect, chill and unwind in a supportive and caring non-judgemental environment
  • You know that mindfulness, yoga, breathing, physical activity, and nature can support her well-being and development of her self-esteem and confidence
  • You both deserve nurturing, hearing and compassionate personal development teaching in small group workshops
  • You know that the tools she will bring home with her will serve her well through challenging times at school, with friends and siblings, with boys and at home for the rest of her life
  • You would love to feel supported in your work as a parent; children don’t come with a user manual and parenting is not always easy; we often feel alone and with no-one to ask for support
  • Time away together will rekindle that special bond or give you the occasion to celebrate your wonderful relationship


The adolescent years can be really challenging and sometimes mums and daughters become disconnected. It can feel confusing or hurtful as your daughter, once very close, turns away and seeks her identity through friendships and her outer circle. Time away together, supported by professionals, can help rekindle a positive relationship for both mum and daughter. Meeting other mums and daughters and having the time and space to relax, learn scientifically proven tools and ancient wisdom together can help foster new understanding of this normal transition. Perhaps your relationship is strong and supportive and you can enjoy this weekend simply being together and celebrating who you are and building memories.

This is a bi-annual retreat specifically for mums and their daughters in the beautiful, peaceful location of Montpallars in the village of Cervoles, a stunning village in the foothills of the Pyrenees where mums and daughters can experience connection and laughter, self-development, holistic lifestyle tips and workshops, yoga, mindfulness, healthy and wholesome food, guided relaxation, stress management, women’s wisdom, art and cookery workshops, journaling, and walking meditation in a stunning location.

It is a powerful and restorative weekend to help support a healthy mum-daughter relationship, encourage honest and shared connection in a positive supportive environment and enable both to leave with tools and skills to welcome empathy and compassion and a vibrant, vital and holistic lifestyle.

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