david-clode-527265-unsplashA coach can be a support whenever you have a true motivation for change, or a true desire to find clarity in your life. With my experience as an educator, mother, mentor, cheerleader and EFT/NLP Practitioner I bring my heart to my coaching style and help shift change from within.
Parents find me approachable and relatable and tweens and teens trust my experience, friendliness, and empathy enough to open up and talk.

Teens or their parents come to coaching for a wide variety of reasons:

Procrastination  – Lack of direction –  General frustration with current life  –

Life transition  – Communication issues  – Parenting challenges –  Relationship crisis –

Need for clarity and understanding of self – Overwhelm – Stress and anxiety

Whatever reason initially motivates you to take the brave step to seek support, you  all have one thing in common: a deep longing for change in your life and a need to reestablish some balance and create action.

You feel the need to grow, to overcome your current challenges, to put new habits in place and you seek  help in setting your new goals, and in getting momentum to make this happen.

A one to one coaching session typically lasts an hour and we will  use positive tools to work together on;

    • Identifying areas of concern or worry…..whatever it is that leads to overwhelm or negative self-worth feelings.
    • Learning what makes you tick, what you value and seek in life and how to bring more of that in to it.
    • Identifying your personal model of the world and what life events have shaped your beliefs, actions and interactions with others.
    • Learning what limits you, what holds you back from sparkling and what keeps you playing small.
    • Boosting your self-esteem and increasing your confidence.
    • Setting realistic SMART goals that you can easily add to your lifestyle without stress.
    • Growing your self-compassion and love, so that you know that you are enough, and worthy.
    • Visualizing the life of your dreams and working towards making it a reality, step by step.
    • Learning resilience, courage, and curiosity to see life from a positive mindset every day.
    • Shifting your focus to gratitude, compassion and wonder.
  • Learning just how amazing and unique you are and that the world needs people like you!


As a parent, imagine how calm you would feel knowing that your daughter has the courage, strength and confidence to make her own decisions, to gracefully face life challenges and stress. I can help you and your daughter find that calm and see her sparkle at life.

As a teen daughter, imagine how excited you would feel knowing you have a coach, a toolkit and resources to explore life, laugh, smile, navigate academic and social issues and feel sparkling with confidence and self-esteem. I can help you and your parents find that excitement.


If you would like to find out more about my coaching services and options, please contact me through the contact page and we can set up a FREE discovery call via Skype.