Empowerment Retreat

spark your sparkle

Teenage Girl Empowerment Retreat

with Niki Moss Simpson & Isabella Renirie

Friday 26 October – Sunday 28 October 2018

Two-day retreat 270€ includes
All meals, snacks and drinks
Goody bag of powerful self-help tools to take away

Places are limited, so to secure your place book by the 19 October 2018 with a non-refundable deposit of 70 euros.
Are you between the ages of 12 and 18?
Are you studying really hard at school and not taking time for you?
Are you distracted, anxious, overwhelmed, pre-occupied?
Do you find it hard to switch off and relax or sleep well?
Do you enjoy connecting with nature, animals and the countryside?
 Do you know that learning simple, practical and useful self help skills will empower you?
Do you want to be the most vital and vibrant version of yourself?


This unique weekend empowerment retreat, in the beautiful and peaceful location of the Penedès, is free from distractions and will encourage you to relax, refresh and re-connect with who you really are as well as connect with other teenage girls.

Enjoy yoga-asana and restorative and learn useful breathing techniques and mindfulness
Benefit from brain nutrition and healthy homemade food
Develop self-esteem and confidence building techniques
Learn about exam stress tools, relaxation and meditation
Meet new friends and increase your self-confidence

This powerful  and unique weekend is especially designed for teenage girls to re-connect with themselves and to express who they really are. It is designed to help girls become creators of their own happiness and well-being in order to embrace life at its most vibrant.

Parents… you should give this gift to your daughter if……

  • Adolescence is a challenging time for you all; her brain, body and emotions are developing at a fast rate
  • You want her to learn well-researched  and scientifically proven tools that can help her be less anxious and become more focused and confident
  • She needs to disconnect, chill and unwind in a supportive and caring non-judgemental environment
  • You know that mindfulness, yoga, breathing, physical activity and nature can support her well-being and development of self-esteem
  • She deserves nurturing, hearing and compassionate personal development teaching in small group workshops
  • You know that the tools she will bring home with her will serve her well through challenging times at school, with friends and siblings, with boys and at home and for the rest of her life
  • You would love to feel supported in your work as a parent; children don’t come with a user manual and parenting is not always easy

Parents… you should not give your daughter this life-empowering weekend if…

  • You don’t believe that adolescence is a confusing and challenging time
  • You don’t think mindful tools and practices can help her cope with today’s busy and on-line lifestyle
  • You don’t think spending time with experienced experts who can listen to and guide your daughter can help her
  • You don’t believe that being in nature, eating healthy food, physical activity and breathing fresh air can help her unwind, relax and feel refreshed
  • You don’t want your daughter to feel good about herself and her life
  • You don’t want your daughter to be able to make informed decisions for her well-being, her friendships, her academic life and her future
  • You don’t want to be supported through this transitional time with your daughter as her parent or be able to help her through this stage of development in a positive way

The Program

From the initial welcome on Friday evening through to departure and goodbyes on Sunday afternoon, you will be engaged in activities and workshops to empower you as an individual.

Every day will be built around breathing, mindfulness and yoga and some workshops will be in small groups to encourage open and honest discussion and reflection. A typical day will include yoga sessions, a form of movement like meditative walking or dancing, workshops to provide tools to empower you like self massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, journaling, creating a vision board or a creative craft activity. On Saturday night you will cook S’mores on the fire pit and every night you will enjoy hot chocolate at bedtime.

There will be time to relax in the chill-out areas, make new friends, enjoy the peace and nature of the venue and reflect on the new skills experienced. The healthy food will leave you inspired and well nourished, the beds will allow you to sleep peacefully and enjoy your time away from your usual weekend busyness. You will leave the retreat refreshed, revitalized and relaxed with tools and new friends to support you on your path to shine, sparkle and radiate.

The Food

Eating healthy food is vital for good health and well-being. All meals will be created and prepared on-site by Alaya’s talented inhouse chef and are prepared with fresh, seasonal, and, for the most part, locally grown, produce.

There will be healthy snacks, fruit juices and tisanes provided throughout the retreat.

The Venue

The Alaya – a word in Sanskrit that means “base or home”– at Cal Pau Cruset is a space that allows for the expression of who we are, whilst remembering who we were. It used to be a barn, a storage place for seeds that were planted to bear fruit.

The Alaya has comfortable accommodation, is spread over two floors and has a wonderful chillout roof top terrace from which to enjoy the spectacular views of the Penedès.

On the upper floor there is a magnificent open space, specifically designed to facilitate all kinds of activities like yoga and dance. It has large windows that take advantage of the natural light, which is enjoyed in this area most of the year, and of course, they open to the beautiful views of the natural surroundings and vineyards.

Who we are…


Niki Moss Simpson, international teacher, therapist, life coach, Reiki healer and mother, has more than 20 years experience of working with young people; especially teenage girls. 

Passionately involved in empowering girls and women to live vital and vibrant lives, through studying and learning natural health as well as yoga and mindfulness in a busy world.

After completing a B.A in the U.K., teacher training and diplomas in Anatomy and Physiology, Niki has trained in counselling, mindfulness and life coaching and is a RelaxKids coach, EFT practitioner and Teen yoga coach.

An experienced workshop leader and speaker, Niki listens and encourages physical and emotional healing for women and girls to become empowered in their health and lifestyle choices.

Isabella Renirie, young psychologist who works as a coach for teenage girls – she’s passionate about encouraging, listening to and guiding girls through these sometimes difficult but very exciting years.

After completing her Bachelor of psychology from the University of Maastricht (UCM), she received her masters in Behaviour and Cognition here in Barcelona, focusing on the study of personality, psychological assessment, cognition and neuroplasticity, and neuroscience more generally.

Providing girls with useful tools and strategies, as well as a new perspective and an opportunity to open up, can really help them overcome everyday obstacles and negative mindsets and help them thrive throughout their teenage years.

How to get there

  • Come by car or organize a car share. We will send instructions nearer the time or check out calpaucruset.com
  • Possibility of minibus transport to and from Placa Boras, Sarrià, Barcelona at an extra cost. Please ask for further information.
  • Possibility of collection from the local train station of Vilafranca Penedes, at an extra cost. Please ask for further information.