Girls Empowerment Retreats


Are you between the ages of 11 and 16?
Are you studying really hard at school and not taking time for you?
Are you distracted, anxious, overwhelmed, pre-occupied?
Do you find it hard to switch off and relax or sleep well?
Do you enjoy connecting with nature, animals and the countryside?
 Do you know that learning simple, practical and useful self-help skills will empower you?
Do you want to be the most vital and vibrant version of yourself?

These unique weekend girl empowerment retreats will encourage you to relax, refresh and reconnect with who you really are as well as encourage you to genuinely connect with other girls.

Parents this gift is for your daughter if you believe ……
  • Adolescence is a challenging time for you all; her brain, body, and emotions are developing at a fast rate
  • You want her to learn well-researched  and scientifically proven tools that can help her be less anxious and become more focused and confident
  • She needs to disconnect, chill and unwind in a supportive and caring non-judgemental environment
  • You know that mindfulness, yoga, breathing, physical activity, and nature can support her well-being and development of self-compassion
  • She deserves nurturing, hearing and compassionate personal development teaching in small group workshops
  • You know that the tools she will bring home with her will serve her well through challenging times at school, with friends and siblings, with boys and at home and for the rest of her life
  • You would love to feel supported in your work as a parent; children don’t come with a user manual and parenting is not always easy but is often lonely

Upcoming retreats

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