We’ moon and energy; our connection

Now is the time, This is the hour, Ours is the magic, Ours is the power.

The Craft 1996

For many years I was unaware and disregarding of my connection with the moon and how the moon affected me on an energetic level. In fact, truth be told, I was not in touch with my energetic body or even my physical body. What I did know, I had learned in biology class and in a text book or matter of fact way. It is no wonder whatsoever that I had no connection with my monthly body rhythms and I certainly paid zilch attention to that thing in the night sky that changed size and shape and, when not obscured by clouds, looked kinda cool.

Through the years of personal development and my spiritual journey, I have become more in tune with nature, the cycles and rhythms of life, my physical body and my energetic body. In training as a holistic birth teacher and doula whilst pregnant with my daughter, I began to become more aware of, and eventually in touch with my body and it’s fascinating cycles. I remembered sharing a house at university with 3 other girls and that our monthly periods, after living together for 5 months, synced with each other.

How flipping cool is that

I also began to appreciate the effect of the moon on the sea and tides and then eventually on my emotions and energy. The door to understanding and holy cow realisation blew open and blew my mind!

As I age, I am more and more in tune with our grandmother moon and her effects on me as a woman. I know what to expect and how to best be in flow with her rather than trying to fight back. Yep, I’ve learned that that is a losing battle and not worth even trying. I understand that the moon is associated with the feminine, intuition and deep inner psyche across many traditions. The moon is considered a feminine planet and she reflects how we feel about ourselves, how we deal with our relationships and how we respond to situations. It refers to our inner world, and deep patterns of thinking and feeling, embedded in the unconscious.

As humans we are mostly water so at it’s most simplistic level, we could say the moon is pulling on our emotional centres, and at the new and full moon times, its pull is maximized so it could be bringing heightened emotions to the surface. The full moon, in particular, can feel like a disruptive time, resulting in more erratic behaviour, anxiety, emotional sadness, irritability, tension or tiredness.

Being in tune with the rhythms of the moon allows us to open our intuition and to dive into the depths of what is needed, allowing our inner wisdom to speak to us. Whether you are male or female you have a feminine side which is super important now in the times we are living.

Honouring women in the world begins with honouring our inner feminine.


The new moon is the beginning of a lunar cycle, and it is the dark phase of the moon; a time for internal reflection and planting seeds of intention for the weeks to come by setting goals.

What is one thing you would like to move towards in your life?

Write an affirmation or visualisation of you having this experience in the present moment. Feel it. Be excited about it. See it clearly and be grateful for it. Really believe it is your current reality and make it vivid!

Rest more, be still and quiet, journal.


The full moon is a time of reflection, and release. It is about how our energy is expressed in the world and in relationship to others. It calls us to activity, ceremony, new projects and overcoming obstacles. It calls for support and cooperation to water the seeds and help them grow. Take time to reflect on how important you are to those around you and for your friendships and support network. Reflect on how you are supporting others too.

Be bloody grateful for it all and feel it.

Do more, be active, dance, sing, run, walk.

Soooooo, if like me, you find your energetic body affected by the moon and her cycles, don’t think you’re crazy! and definitely don’t try to resist the flow. There is a time for everything so give yourself permission to follow the flow and ebb of her beautiful feminine rhythms.

What is your experience with new and full moons?

July is the start of eclipse season and tomorrow; July 2nd is new moon and a total eclipse. This is part of an eclipse cycle that began in 2000/2001 and something from around that time is transitioning for you now (Etta’s Botanica)

To read more about July go here;


As always I would love to read your thoughts and feedback.

Have a wonderful Summer wherever you are going and whatever you are doing.

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